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Add New Table – If adding keys for a new product, you should click “Activation Code Table“, then “Add New Table“. A new section will open below the list section with fields for setting up a new Registration Key/Activation Code table.

  • Table Name Create a name for the new table. The maximum number of characters is 12. Table names can be alphanumeric, such as BMT60.
  • Number of Key Parts A key can have up to four parts. For instance, UserID, Serial Number and Registration Key. The separate parts can also be used to store completely different registration keys for bundled software. Choose the number of parts needed for your Registration Key Table.
  • Separator Character If you have more than one part to your registration keys, you must select the separator your file uses for the different key parts. All parts must be contained on one line with one of these options as a delimiter.
  • Low Key Warning Threshold The number that triggers the system to send a Low Key Warning email containing the Key Table Name and the number of keys left in the table. The Low Key Threshold default is 25. Email is sent as soon as the Registration Table gets down to this number of keys. As the keys are depleted, you will continue to receive email warnings, once per 24 hour period until there are only 10 keys left. At this point an email is generated each time a purchase is made. If a number of products are using the same Registration Key Table, you may want to increase this number accordingly.
  • Low Key Warning Email This is the email address the Low Key Warning email is sent to. Please make sure this is a valid address that is checked regularly. If nothing is entered here, Low Key Warning Email will be sent to BMT Micro representative.

To see other registration key options, click here: *Other Registration Key Options.

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