April 2010

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Affiliate Branding

Affiliates can now upload a logo for use in their shopping carts. Logo size should be a maximum of 700X200. Larger images will be sized to fit. Logo images will only work when using shopping cart 10 (parameter: CID=10). Unless you have a custom shopping cart link listed under the Secure URL field for your affiliate products, our system will now fill in the blank field with the brandable cart link.

Here is a sample link to the brandable cart:


Here is a sample with affiliate branding:


You will notice, once the cart is branded it will stay that way. To see your custom shopping cart, simply replace the CID=10 with your normal cart ID number.

If you have any questions regarding Affiliate branded shopping carts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer checking of available subscription credits/tickets

Customers can now check remaining tickets/credits available from subscription purchases. Simply have the customer login to their customer area:


and select the Manage Subscriptions link. This link will provide them with the normal report showing the subscription status (active or canceled) and also offer a link to review available credits/tickets. This report will present a separate line for each credit available including the name of the subscription the credit applies to as well as the expiration date for that credit.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us.

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