Discount Schemes

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You can run a sale at any time by adding a discount scheme. Just select Discount Schemes from the Your Products list in the left hand menu. Here you can generate codes for an existing discount scheme, view current code statuses, and add or edit discount schemes. When selecting add or edit, you will be able to customize the discount scheme to your specifications.

Scheme Name:

    This is the descriptive name for the discount scheme. maximum 80 characters. This name should be something meaningful in order to identify and track your successful promotions.


    Since discount schemes can be unending and unlimited, you can use this checkbox to deactivate codes without having to delete them. This will allow for the reuse of codes at a later date.

Discount Scheme Type:

Please note: This replaces the Always Apply checkbox.

    Select the Discount Scheme Type

Codes used for granting discount This discount scheme will require codes to be generated for your customers to use.

Automatically applied discount This scheme will always be applied based on the scheme criteria without needing a discount code for the customer to use.

Recurring billing discount only This scheme can only be used if the product is set up as a subscription. Discount code generated will be used by our system during a recurring billing.

For instance, if you set up a product to be billed monthly, but only want to charge the customer full price the first time. You can set up a discount scheme with this type to reduce the price of the subsequent automatic billing.

Date Range:

    Enter the dates used to control usability of codes. Both dates do not have to be used. If you would like to start a discount promotion next week with an unending date, fill in the “From” (1st field) but leave the “To” (2nd field) blank. If you would like the discount scheme to start immediately but end in one month, leave the “From” field blank and fill in the desired ending date in the “To” field.

Discount Amount/Type:

    Enter the discount amount in the text field. Numbers only, decimals are allowed. Use the drop down menu to specify the type of discount as percent off of price, dollar amount off of price, set new price, percent of full price or dollar amount off full price. The “Set New Price” or “…full price” options should be used when you want the discount scheme to override any tiered pricing that may be associated with the product(s). Otherwise, tiered pricing will be applied, then discount schemes will be applied.

Set new price will not change the price in the database, only override when associated code is used. This price is applied to each individual product that qualifies in a single order.

Currency By default, this is set to All Currencies. This allows for the discount to be applied according to the converted rate for each currency. If you have set prices for each currency, you will need to select the appropriate currency for this discount scheme. Separate discount schemes will be necessary for each currency unless you are using a “percentage off” discount.
Note: A discount scheme set up in a specific currency will NOT be applied unless the customer is purchasing in the correct currency.

Rounding When using a percentage off scheme, you can set this to round to the nearest unit. By default, rounding is done to the smallest unit (example: 0.01 USD). You can either round the discount amount or the resulting price. Using negative numbers rounds the discount amount. Using positive numbers rounds the resulting product price.

Expire Code in Enter the number of days in which you want the code to expire. Days are counted starting with the day the code is generated. This is very useful when inserting discount codes in customer’s product information email for their next purchase. Always Apply codes cannot be expired since there is not a code generated for that scheme.

Update: This field can be used to expire recurring billing Discount Scheme Types. If you want the discount to apply for the next 3 months, set this to 93 days. Leave blank to discount all subsequent billings.

Apply to one item only Check this box if you only want one item in the entire order to receive the discount.

Minimum Quantity/Amount Necessary to Apply Discount:

    Enter the number of items [Quantity] or the Minimum Amount [dollar amount] the customer needs to purchase before discount is to be applied. For instance, if you wish to offer a 15% discount after 3 or more items are purchased, set this field to three. If discount is to be applied to all purchases, leave this field at one. Select either Quantity or Dollar Amount in the drop down box as appropriate.

Limit Number of Purchases to:

    Use this field to limit the number of times a discount code can be used. Example: If you would like to offer $10.00 off to the first 50 customers you would enter 50 in this field. Leave this field blank for unlimited use.

Stop order if code cannot be used:

    If this box is checked, the order will not complete unless the discount code is valid. If your discount scheme is to be applied only after a certain number of items purchased, but you wish to allow sales for fewer items without the discount, this box should be unchecked.

Choose Products Using this Discount Scheme:

    Select the products from the list in the top box and add them to the bottom box. You can remove products by selecting the product in the bottom box and selecting remove. Only products selected will be allowed to use this discount scheme.

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