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Once you have built up a few affiliates, or hopefully lot’s of affiliates, it is a good idea to stay in contact with them so that they will have the latest information necessary to promote and sell your products. You may want to send out a message each time a major update is released or when you are ready to begin a special pricing promotion. The bottom line is the more often you talk to your affiliates, the more likely they are to promote your products!

This form will send the contents you input in plain text to all affiliates linked to your product(s), not all BMT Micro affiliates. Please do not use HTML as it is currently not supported!

Please note that the From: address of messages sent on this page will appear as the main email address associated with your account. If you would prefer to keep this information private, please use the Update Account Info link to temporarily change the email address while the message is sent. Don’t forget to change the address back as that address is our primary contact for keeping you updated with information about our system.

You may choose to CC one additional recipient beyond those affiliates linked to your product(s). It is a good idea to CC yourself so that you can see the results the same as your affiliates do.

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