Manage Download Passwords

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The Manage Download Passwords tool allows you to lookup and generate download instructions for your products to your customers.

  • PRODUCT ID – This text box lists all products in your account that have download instructions delivered. You need to select the appropriate product here to either search for password status or generate download instructions.
  • Get Password Status – First, select which information you will be using to perform the search. Password – This is the password included in your vendor notification and provided to the customer after purchase. Order ID – This is the 6-7 digit order ID associated with the order in question. Order Number – The full time-stamp order number associated with the order in question.
  • Once clicked, you will receive information regarding the use of that password. Including when it was used, what IP & Country it was used from, whether or not it is still valid. If the password was disabled due to possible fraudulent activity, both countries and IP’s trying to use the password will be displayed and the password will show as blocked. Please note: Only the first country could retrieve the download, as soon as a second country tries, the password is blocked.

    You then have the option to reset the password for a new 31 day period, unblock the password to allow downloading within the original time-frame (based on number of days allowed to download as set up in the product) or expire the password.

  • Send New Password – Once you have selected the appropriate PRODUCT ID at the top of this form, enter the email address you wish to send new download instructions to. This will send a new download password along with full instructions for downloading. You can insert any email address in this field, it does not have to match an email address in our database. This will allow you to send download instructions for free upgrades, or send to a customer who inserted a wrong email address in their order.

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