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This is not for public demo files. Public demo files can still be sent by email.

When you select Manage Files from the menu, you will be taken to a page with a drop down list of the full version download files currently on our secure download server for your account. Here you can upload, download and delete files from your account. You can also view products using these files.

New files should be uploaded before your new product is submitted. All files available for your account will be presented in a download list when you add new products. Once you have uploaded your file, you can then select this file in the Add/Edit product pages to complete order fulfillment. Files uploaded are available in real time. If you have an update to your file, you can upload the updated version with the same file name without any additional product editing.

Java Upload Manager – This file uploader requires Java to be installed. The upload manager allows for drag and drop file selection, simultaneous file uploads and resuming of partial uploads. Using this manager will ensure no file corruption when replacing files. You can choose to maintain the original file creation time and date or leave the default setting for upload time and date.

Download File – Use this option to download files you have previously uploaded from our secure server.

Delete File – You will not be able to delete a file if a product is linked to it; you will need to use Add/Edit Products to remove the file from any products before deletion.

View Products Using File – This option will present a list of the products currently using the selected download file.

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