March 2012

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Customer Ticket Handling

You can now retrieve information regarding customer tickets generated by subscriptions or memberships. After searching the Manage Tickets with customer information, a table will be displayed showing the Order ID that granted the tickets, expiration date, current status (Expired, Available, Redeemed Order ID if used) and a button to either expire the current ticket or grant a new one.

Tickets granted using the Manage Tickets interface do not expire. Email notifications are not sent when adding or expiring tickets from the Manage Tickets table.

If you have any questions regarding customer ticket handling, please contact us.

Order Comments

You can now add comments to customer’s orders. Simply search for the customer using the Customer Search interface and you will see a button labeled Comments. Clicking this button will open a text area at the bottom of the table for adding custom comments. Comments are then displayed in the Sales Details report under the ITEM COMMENTS heading.

Resend to Gift Recipient

The Customer Search report has also been updated to allow searching a Gift Recipient’s email address. Clicking the Resend button in the results will allow you to resend to the gift recipient instead of the customer who purchased the gift.

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