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Testing the order system does not use up a registration key!

If you are using a stored list of registration keys, you can use the order tester as often as you like without wasting registration keys! Registration information will be sent as normal, but the key is held in our system while the test order is pending and put back in the key table once the test order is cleared from our system.

IMPORTANT: This was changed in June 2010 per vendor request. Test orders now DELETE registration key sent for that test. They are NOT put back in the table or marked as used.

You can test our ordering system at anytime by clicking the Test button in your Manage Products list.

This will open your shopping cart with a pre-populated pin code in the credit card field for testing. Testing can only be done with the credit card payment method. Once the test order is submitted, you will see the in-browser fulfillment message your customer’s see and the order system will send out the emails sent to your customers as well as your normal order notification email.

Please note: Test orders do not appear in your sales reports.

Vendors with multiple custom shopping carts will only be able to test the base cart using the Test button.

Using your email address as the customer, you can see exactly what a customer receives when he/she purchases online as well as getting developer notification emails. If you believe there is a problem with your actual order page, please contact us for assistance.

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