Registration Keys

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Before adding Registration Keys or Registration Key Tables, please read this section completely to get a better understanding of how this process works.

When you select Registration Keys from the Manage Account menu, you will be taken to a page containing a drop down list of all your Registration Key Tables and five different action buttons.

  • Add Keys If you are wanting to add additional keys to an existing table, select the Registration Table desired and click Add Keys.
  • View Products using this Table Clicking this option allows you to see what products are tied to the selected Registration Table. More than one product can use the same table. For instance, if you have a program at full price and the same program available at upgrade price, both products can use the keys from the same table. When setting a Low Key Warning Threshold it is good to know how many products are pulling keys from the table.
  • Add New Table If adding keys for a new product, you should click Add New table.
  • Edit Registration Table If you need to edit the above properties in an existing Registration Key Table, select the table name from the drop down list and click Edit Registration Table. This has the same options as the Add New Table above, except that the Registration Key Table you are editing is already listed at the top of the page.
  • Delete Table Choose the Registration Key Table from the drop down list and click Delete Table. If this table is associated with a product, you will be notified how many products are associated and directed to disassociate the product(s) before you can delete the table.

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