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The Sales Detail report will give you complete information on all sales. The default report displays sales for the last 7 days. This report can be generated by specific date ranges and results output in specified order and format. Formats available are HTML, CSV, XML and PDF.

You can filter your results making this report a powerful search engine! For instance, if John Smith wanted to know what registration key was sent to him back in December of 2009, you could enter the date range of 2009-12-01 to 2009-12-31, select Last Name in the filter list and type Smith in the text box to receive a report on all customers named Smith during that month.

Default results include the following fields:

Order ID Product Name Payment Date
Quantity Vendor Royalty Item Comments
Company Last Name First Name
Address 1 Address 2 City
State Zip Country
Phone Fax Email
IP Address Referral Registration Keys

You can customize the output of this report to include any of the following additional fields:

Order Number Order Date Customer ID
Product ID Product Price Discount Code
Product Currency Product Discount Product ID
Vendor Currency Payment Method Credit Card Type
Affiliate ID PO Number Alternate Email
Register Name Order Date Order Parameters
Order Number Customer ID Order Currency
BMT Royalty Affiliate Royalty Download Password
CCom0 CCom1 CCom2
Comments Howheard File Format
Download Password Status Item Register Name Item Email
Comments Howheard File Format
Company (Shipping) Last Name (Shipping) First Name (Shipping)
Address 1 (Shipping) Address 2 (Shipping) City (Shipping)
State (Shipping) Zip (Shipping) Country (Shipping)
Phone (Shipping) Fax (Shipping) Email (Shipping)
Extra Reg. Info Credited

You can select which fields are displayed and what order they are displayed in by adding or removing fields in the Settings page. The Sales Details Configuration section under the Settings page will allow you to choose each column from the drop down list. Just choose the columns in the order you want them and select Submit Changes. Each time you run this report our system will remember your custom settings! We have also added a “Total” row to this report. Totals are column totals and do not take into consideration any currency. If your sales are both USD and Euro, please filter your results by currency to get proper totals.

You can retrieve the Sales Detail report by posting an XML request as follows:

URL to post:


XML request format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


NOTE: The date fields must contain a value in the format of YYYY-MM-DD for this feature to work properly.

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