Shopping Cart Parameters

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Shopping Cart Parameters – There are a number of parameters available for use with our shopping carts.

  • CID Cart ID. The value is your Vendor ID. If no custom cart has been created for you, the shopping cart will default to CID=2.
  • PRODUCTID The Product ID from our database. Pulls the product name and price from our database.
  • QUANTITY Quantity of items can be passed in the shopping cart link. This is not necessary for single purchase link.
  • CURRENCY Our shopping cart will automatically display GBP for UK customers, EUR for European Union customers and USD for all others based on the customers IP address. If you wish to force the cart to display a specific currency, the CURRENCY parameter can be passed as USD, EUR or GBP.
  • DISCOUNTCODE You can offer your customers a discounted link by including the DISCOUNTCODE parameter with appropriate discount code generated from the Developer’s Control Panel for the value.
  • CLR Our shopping cart utilizes P3P secure cookies and remembers products for 168 hours. You can clear the shopping cart by adding the CLR=0 parameter.
  • REFERRAL This parameter can be used to pass hidden referring information through the shopping cart. The Referral field is included in the vendors order notification emails. If the referral information is needed for fulfilling the order, please consider using ORDERPARAMETERS instead.
  • AID AID is the parameter added to your secure shopping cart link for the Affiliate program. If your products are listed in our affiliate program and an affiliate joins to sell your products, they will be presented with affiliate links from their Affiliate Control Panel that includes the AID parameter and their affiliate ID.
  • PAYMENTMETHOD You can pass a specific payment method in the shopping cart link that will automatically set the shopping cart to this method. The shopping cart will still display the payment method drop down list and the customer can change it if they prefer. If you would like to lock down your shopping cart to only provide certain payment methods, please let us know and we will update your shopping cart accordingly.
  • Payment Method values are as follows:

      Credit Card = 1
      Maestro/Solo Debit Card = 7
      PayPal = 8
      GooglePay = 20
      Amazon = 21
      Wire Transfer in Euros = 5
      Mail/FAX = 2

  • ***Custom Order Processing Parameters*** – There are two parameters that can be passed in the shopping cart when external information is needed for product fulfillment. For example, use this to pass a hardware fingerprint, user id, or similar information needed by a key generator or needed in a remote XML call to your site.
  • ORDERPARAMETERS Use this if your key generator requires an order specific value (the same value regardless of products purchased). For example, use this to relay the UserID of your system. This parameter is stored with the order and reported back to you in the notification e-mail (token ##ORDERPARAMETERS##) or via XML (tag <orderparameters>). Please check the setting “Order Parameters must not be blank ” in the product setup, if the value or UserID is required with each order.
  • ITEMINFO Use this if your product purchase needs to be associated with a product specific value For example use this to relay a hardware fingerprint. This parameter is stored separately for each item in the order and reported back to you in the notification e-mail (token ##ITEMINFO##) or via XML (tag <iteminfo>).
  • ***Customer Feedback Parameters*** – There are 4 hidden fields in the shopping cart for passing additional data through our system. Note: These parameters are intended to relay/collect non-essential information (CCOM stands for Customer COMments). Please always use ORDERPARAMETERS or ITEMINFO for data that is required to fulfill an order. The following 3 fields are intended for passing additional customer information:

If you need customers to input information for these fields, please contact us and we will customize your shopping cart to meet your needs.

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