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There are two main features of the Subscriptions that can be used together or separately.

Recurring Billing

The first feature is the recurring billing. Subscriptions can be set up to be rebilled either monthly, every 3 months, every 4 months, every 6 months or yearly. A product can be set to rebill in the Add/Edit product interface under the Special Instructions tab > Subscription Product section. If product is to be rebilled, select the frequency of rebilling in the drop down list. Do not check the box “Allow purchase with Ticket” for the actual Subscription product. A subscription product requires the customer receives their Customer Login information. If email is not customized, our system will use the following standard message:

You will be billed ##FREQUENCY##.


You can use this login information next time you order.

Login: ##LOGINNAME##
Password: ##PASSWORD##

Use this link and the above login to review your account online or request changes in your subscription.

When customizing email, the above information can be inserted into your email text using this token: ##SUBSCRIPTIONINFORMATION##

You can set the subscription up to charge a discounted amount on subsequent billings by associating the subscription product with a Recurring billing discount scheme in the Add/Edit Products interface under the Fulfillment tab > Send Discount Code section. More information regarding setting up discount schemes can be found here.

Subscription Tickets

Ticket generation allows you to set up a product that generates “Ticket Credits” when purchased. Ticket credits allow for free purchases of items which have the checkbox “Allow purchase with Ticket” checked in the Add/Edit Product interface under the Special Instructions tab > Subscription Product section. Tickets are automatically applied in the shopping cart as long as the customer logs in for their purchase.

You can specify the number of tickets available with each purchase as well as when/if they expire. You can also set this up to discount all “Ticket item” purchases to the subscription product price until the customer reaches the expiration days amount. For instance, a product can be set up as a “Membership” that charges 10.00 with expiration days set at 365 and discountall set to yes. This will allow your customer to purchase any product flagged to “Allow purchase with Ticket” at a price of 10.00 USD (same as the subscription price) for the next year (365 days).

Subscriptions can be set up to allow multiple free items with single subscription purchase. This will enable you to set up a 12 month subscription (billed only once every 12 months or not rebilled at all) that will allow 12 credits to be used that year.

To set up a product for ticket generation, place the following line (edited for your needs) in the Key/Cert Generator field in the fulfillment section of the Add/Edit Products interface:

ticket "Credit for Name of Subscription (##TICKETCOUNT## available)" expirationdays=365 discountall=no ticketcount=12

expiration days, discountall and ticketcount does not have to be present to work. Leaving them off will set the following defaults:

expiration days – none
discountall – no
ticketcount – 1 per purchase

Please Note: Subscription (recurring billing) products do not require the use of tickets and ticket products are not limited to recurring billing products.

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