Tiered Pricing

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You can set tiered pricing for multiple license or product purchases through this interface. Tiered pricing should be used for permanent pricing schedules. Discount Schemes should be used for temporary sales or dated promotions.

  • Tier Name Choose a name that will help you identify this pricing schedule. Maximum length of this field is 80 characters including spaces. The “Active” box must be checked before tiered pricing will apply to any orders.
  • Discount Amount Input the discount amount in the text field and select from “percent off”, “amount off” or “discounted price”.
  • Currency By default, this is set to All Currencies. This allows for the tiered pricing to be applied according to the converted rate for each currency. If you have set prices for each currency, you will need to select the appropriate currency for this tiered pricing scheme. Separate tiered pricing scheme will be necessary for each currency unless you are using a “percentage off” discount.
  • NOTE: Tiered pricing set up in a specific currency will NOT be applied unless the customer is purchasing in the correct currency.

  • Rounding When using a percentage off tier, you can set this to round to the nearest unit. By default, rounding is done to the smallest unit (example: 0.01 USD). You can either round the discount amount or the resulting price. Using negative numbers rounds the discount amount. Using positive numbers rounds the resulting product price.
  • Minimum Quantity/Amount of Qualifying Products necessary to apply tier This can be set to the quantity of items in the cart, the number of different products in the cart or a set dollar amount. Tiered pricing will not be used until qualifying items, products or amount is reached in a single order.
  • Quantity to apply tier per batch If “All” is chosen, all items in the order will be discounted. If you do not want all the items discounted, set the number of discounted items per qualifying batch. For example: If you want to set up a tiered pricing schedule as “Buy two get one free” the minimum quantity of qualifying products above would be set to 3 and the quantity to apply per batch would be 1. If the customer chose 6 qualifying items, the system would see two batches and allow 2 products free.
  • Updated!
    By setting this value to a negative number (-1), the discounted price will be applied to all qualifying products, minus the value you set. This is intended to allow tiered pricing where the first product is regular price and “each additional” product beyond the first is set to the discounted value. For example: -3 means all but 3. I.e. if you buy 3, you will get the discounts on all items but 3. So, if it’s a 50% discount and you buy 10 items, you pay full price for the 3 first, then you get 50% off on each of the 7 remaining products. (Assuming that quantity to apply is set high enough, 7 or more in this case).

  • Choose Tier Level If you need two different Tiered Pricing schemes that use the same qualifying products to be applied within the same order they must be on different levels. Levels allow you to choose the order that they are applied. Tiered Pricing Schemes will allow additional discounts from Discount Schemes that are set up for Amount or Percentage Off product price.
  • Choose Qualifying products The box on the top will list all your available products. Choose any products from that box that are necessary for the customer to purchase before the pricing tier should be applied and add them to the bottom box. Note: The customer will not have to buy all qualifying products chosen, only the number or dollar amount specified by the “Minimum Quantity/Amount of Qualifying Products necessary” field.
  • Choose Products to which discount will be applied Choose any product(s) from the top box that the discount can be applied to and add them to the bottom box.

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