Vendor Splits

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Only the vendor who has the product listed under their account can initiate a split. Please do not set up the same product under two different vendor accounts! Split vendors cannot have sub-splits. BMT Micro reserves the right to limit the number of splits under an account.

In order to ensure there are no conflicts while we are calculating vendor payments, only View Splits will be available on vendor paydays (1st of each month, except December when vendors are paid on the 28th).

Add/Edit Vendor Split


    • This name will show up in the Vendor transaction reports. Use something that will identify why the adjustment has been made and where it is from.
      ie: “Sales from myprogram” or “Sales from vendor 123”


    • This is the percentage of your sales you wish to be transferred to another vendor. This percentage is calculated after all discounts, affiliate commissions and BMT royalties have been deducted.

    Beneficiary Vendor ID

    • This is the BMT Vendor ID that will receive the transfer from your account.

    Apply to All Products

    • If you check this box, the percentage you set will be transferred to the beneficiary vendor for all your current and future products.

    Choose Products for this Vendor Split:

    • Select the products from the list on the left and add them to the list on the right. You can remove products by selecting the product on the right and selecting remove. Only products selected will be split with the beneficiary vendor unless Apply to All Products above is checked. If Apply to All Products is checked, the system will move all products when the form is submitted.

View Vendor Split

    This will allow you a quick view of how all the fields are set for selected vendor split. These fields are not editable. Vendor Splits can still be viewed on vendor paydays when all other options will be disabled.

Delete Vendor Split

    Clicking this button will take you to a page to confirm the Vendor Split deletion. Since Vendor Split funds are transferred on vendor payday only, deleting a split in the middle of the month will result in NO split payment for that months sales.

If you have any questions regarding the Vendor Split option, please contact us.

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