What Is Your Policy On Refunds

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If/when a customer asks for a refund, we will always recommend the customer to contact the vendor first to try to solve the issue. If a solution cannot be had and/or the customer is still unsatisfied with the purchase, a refund will be issued. For refunds, vendors are debited the same amount that you were initially credited plus 7% of the product price. The funds are used to offset bank fees incurred during processing of the transactions. These fees are non-refundable percentage-based charges levied by the bank on all sales and refunds.

Refunds requested by the developer are also handled this way.

Chargebacks from the bank are handled like purchases and may also come with processing fees and penalties levied upon the business by the bank. The same policy applies. The amount you were credited for the sale will be removed upon chargeback from the bank, in addition to the chargeback fee as levied by the bank. Some credit card companies will automatically chargeback disputed charges without requesting additional information from us. For this reason, we have found that a “30 day” policy with your customers usually prevents this from becoming a problem (If the customer is not happy within 30 days, refund or replace with another product).

Customer satisfaction is key to reduce the rate of both chargebacks and refunds.

Due to the high cost and risk involved with excessive chargebacks, customers who have previously charged back a purchase will be banned from ordering through BMT Micro again, unless there is a special circumstance and/or the vendor approves of the customer being allowed to purchase again.

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