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Before using the Affiliate Program you must have received at least one vendor payment. In order to activate affiliate sales for your account, please use the contact form to request activation.

By activating affiliate sales for your account, you will have control of what percentage those products are offered for on a per product and per affiliate basis. You can also manually add/drop affiliates without listing your products for all affiliates. If you do not set an Affiliate Percentage for a product, that product will NOT generate affiliate royalties.

Once your account has been activated, you will need to use the Edit Product screen to set an Affiliate Percentage and specify the Secure Order URL and demo URL for each product. The percentage you set on the Edit Product screen will be the base percentage for that product, a figure that you will be able to adjust for each affiliate from the Affiliate Information screen. The Secure Order URL should be the same link you received when the product was added unless you are using custom order forms.

The following options are available on the Edit Products screen.

  • Affiliate Percentage The basic percentage you plan to offer affiliates per sale. This percentage is calculated on the total price of your product. Affiliate percentages can be customized for each affiliate. Set this percentage to 0 if you wish to have them contact you before receiving any affiliate commissions. Leave this blank if you do not want to accept affiliates for this product.
  • Secure Order URL If this link is not setup properly your affiliate will NOT get credit for the sale!!
  • This is the order form URL for this product (including http(s)://). Since it will be used to create the proper affiliate links, please use the test button to check for accuracy.

    If you are pointing to a page that is not hosted on our servers, please be aware that:

    1. You must pass the AID parameter to our server and;
    2. The affiliate cookie is not set when the link to your website is clicked. If passed correctly the cookie is set from our secure order pages.

    If the affiliate cookie is not set and the customer does not complete the sale until a later date, the affiliate will not receive credit for the sale.

    If you do not know this URL the default affiliate URL will be used.

  • Demo URL Enter the complete URL (including http://) for your product demo. This can be a file on your server or ours. The link given to the affiliates will be different. We will provide the affiliates with a link that sets the affiliate cookie and then redirects to your Demo File URL. You can also use this link to point to your product information page, instead of a direct file download. Please use the test button to check for accuracy.
  • Include in All Affiliates Lists Leaving this box checked allows your product to be available to any affiliate signed up with BMT Micro. Uncheck this box to use the affiliate program for selected individuals only.
    Note: Joined affiliates will always be able to view your product from the affiliate product list!
  • Use Product Specific Cookie Leaving this box checked allows your affiliate to receive a commission only when the same product linked from the affiliate is the one the customer purchases. If you would like your affiliates to receive credit when the customer purchases any of your products uncheck this box.
    Note: For vendors with a large number of products and affiliates, this should be left checked to ensure more than one affiliate can still receive credit when multiple products are included in a single order.

If you want the affiliate link to land on a product information page, or a page that is not the BMT Micro secure shopping cart, where the affiliate purchase link would normally send the customer, you will need to add the product information page (or “other” page) as the “Full Description URL” when you set up the affiliate information for your product. You will also need to make your affiliates aware that, for your product(s), they will need to use, on their page, not the secure order link (as they normally would), but the Product Information Link, containing the URL of your product information page.

The affiliate ID will be preserved from the product landing page onto the shopping cart, when the customer makes his/her selection, and the affiliate will receive credit for the purchase.

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