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Remote Key Registration via XML

You can set up your products to have the customer’s registration key generated on-the-fly with a secure XML Request sent to your server producing a specific XML Response back to our server.

Please Note: Only the registration key should be sent back to our server. Any custom text including registered name, further instructions and download links, should be added to the product’s Customer Notification Email template.

Once an order is completed, we can post an XML stream with complete customer information to your server and wait for a specific XML (POST) response. You would need to parse the XML into your CGI script and then format your response in XML. This needs to happen in real time as the customer’s product information email will not be sent until a response is received. All you need to do to get the XML data is to get the input stream

Here is some sample code for a Java servlet:

public void doPost (javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse res) throws javax.servlet.ServletException {
DOMParser parser = new DOMParser ();
parser.parse (new org.xml.sax.InputSource (req.getInputStream ()));
Document doc = parser.getDocument ();
… the rest should be trivial …

A more complete JAVA sample can be found here, there is also a PHP example. Once you are ready to test this, enter the URL for your CGI in the Key Generator field under the Add/Edit Product interface. You can view any error messages while testing with this System Error report.

For further information or help regarding this option, please contact us.

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